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LASER RHONE ALPES - your partner in LASER WELDINGLRA - your partner in LASER WELDING

Since 1987, LRA has been developing a high degree of expertise in quality laser welds for precision applications where accuracy is absolutely essential – including aeronautic and space applications, implantable medical devices, surgical tools, electronic and fiber optic components, microelectronic packages, pressure transducers, microfluidic applications. LRA provides full service capabilities to clients desiring to outsource their precision welding and manufacturing requirements. Whether your needs are for short or long production runs or ongoing monthly contracts, LRA can be your partner to meet your delivery needs.

LRA - Laser WeldingIf you need expert advice on designing your metal joining solution, ask us. Our experienced staff will evaluate and resolve any laser welding requirements our clients may present. LRA handles prototypes and develops more than 200 new applications each year.

LRA takes pride in maintaining its long-standing reputation for total, uncompromising quality standards.
We are ISO9001:2000 certified.


Laser beam welding is a proven joining method for a large
variety of metals and alloys.
Laser machining is highly repeatable and efficient.

This process offers several advantages as :

  • minimal heat effect in the welding zone
  • precise joining of small and thin-walled objects
  • minimal distortion
  • no filler material
  • hermetic seal welds
  • joining near heat sensitive components
    (electronic enclosures, glass-metal links, ...)
  • a nice and attractive joining
and we can show you how laser welding can reduce your costs.
  Laser Welding - Laser Rhone-Alpes

Laser Rhone-Alpes - Laser Welding



  • 600 m² temperature controlled factory
  • 1 CNC pulsed YAG laser in a clean room
  • 5 Nd:YAG laser workstations with 4 to 5-axis CNC
  • 1 Nd:YAG laser marking/etching workstation
  • Vacuum brake out services
  • Helium leak testing
  • 3-axis non contact measuring system
  • Metallurgical lab

LRA - 5 Rue du Rif Tronchard - F-38120 Le Fontanil
Tel: +33 476 560 757 7 +33 476 561 038